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The WordPress BeachBody Coaches Theme allows Team BeachBody coaches to harness the power of WordPress to run their website while  giving WordPress a distinctive Team BeachBody look while also allowing Team BeachBody coaches to utilize the tools provided to them by Team BeachBody. Click the Buy Now button below to purchase the BeachBody Coaches Theme.

$45.00 (USD)

The WordPress BeachBody Coaches Theme is fully configurable to allow coaches to have as much or as little contact information available on their site as they want. The theme allows coaches to link to the social networks that they are a part of including facebook, twitter, foursquare, google+, myspace, LinkedIn, Skype, Vimeo, Yahoo!, and YouTube. The theme also links directly to the coaches beachbodycoach.com website as well as their shakeology.com website.

The WordPress BeachBody Coaches Theme also allows coaches to specify a before and after photo of their transformation so that visitors to their site can see their results. If the coach doesn’t want to show both they can choose to specify only one picture or no picture at all.

The WordPress BeachBody Coaches Theme allow coaches to use ads provided for them by Team BeachBody within the theme.

The WordPress BeachBody Coaches Theme allows the coach to pick from 16 different skins so that the site can have their distinctive look and feel.


$45.00 (USD)


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