Madison Business Connections is live!

Ali McWilliams iconI have had the pleasure of working with Faith Dey and Alison McWilliams on the Siren Fitness site as they have grown.  I was responsible for keeping site content up to date and making little tweaks here and there as they needed them.  As they have grown, they have realized that it was time to move on and create separate business entities but still work closely together as well as work closely with other businesses in the health and fitness industry.  As a part of starting her new business Alison approached me to do her website and I am pleased to announce that is live.  The site is built using WordPress and features integration with Facebook and Twitter as well as a PayPal shopping cart for customers to purchase fitness packages from her.  Ali was a lot of fun to work with and I really admire the work she does with empowering women in the Madison community.  The logo and business image were created by Bluestem Creative based out of Stoughton, WI.  This is a really exciting time for Alison and Faith, check them out.


Madison Business Connection: Doc Jams Printer Service & Repair

Doc Jams Printer Service & RepairThis post has been on hold for almost 2 weeks now.  On October 1st (the day my wife went into labor) I was able to sit down with James Kademan, the owner of Doc Jams, and learn about what they do.  Doc Jams has been in business for 3 years and serves to repair and service desktop and other small format printers (James has been doing printer repair for 9 years).  The goal of Doc Jams is to get onsite within 2 hours of receiving the call for printer service or repair.  I especially like their slogan “Getting You Back To Printing”.

Doc Jams is certified to work on Xerox, Tektronix, & Hewlett Packard printers.  So before you toss your printer out the window, call (608) 837-2739 and get Doc Jams out there to solve your problem.  If you are out of ink or toner, Doc Jams also sells toner and ink cartridges.  Being the computer guy that I am I was very fascinated at the lengths the big box companies like Xerox and HP do to keep companies like Doc Jams out of business by coming out with so many new models of printers each year to try and protect their lucrative corner on the market of toner and ink.

So, as the marketing pens they provide state…”Don’t screw it up yourself, Call…Doc Jams Printer Repair” (One end of the pen is a screwdriver)…I like their style.

Doc Jams definitely knows their stuff and I would recommend them for your printer woes.


Madison Business Connection: Robson Computer Technologies

Chris Robson from Robson Computer Technologies

From time to time on my blog I will be featuring other businesses within the Madison, WI community that I have had the chance to interact with.  I hope you find these posts useful.

I was able to sit down with Chris Robson, President and CEO of Robson Computer Technologies today to get to know him and what he does in his line of work.

What do I love most about Robson Computer Technologies?  When someone asks me if I can fix their computer, I can now say a resounding “No”, but know that I have a great resource that I can refer them to and it is not Best Buy.

Chris and his brother Brian have been doing computer repair for over 10 years on the side as they worked in various other jobs, but in 2009 decided to make the leap to doing computer repair full time.  Several people I know have used their services and have absolutely loved the work that Robson Computer Technologies has done for them and how fast it was completed (my main issue with big box stores).  To put in a nutshell what they do, if it is inside the casing of your computer they deal with it.  A few examples include:

  • Sound Card not working
  • Wireless internet issues
  • Virus/Spyware/Malware removal
  • On-site computer training
  • Replacing hardware in your computer
  • Data Backup
  • Custom Computer Builds

When should you call Robson Computer Technologies?

  • You can’t hear any sound coming out of your computer speakers
  • The wireless switch on your computer is broken or the wireless light won’t come on.
  • The wireless light on your computer comes on, but you can’t connect to the internet
  • You get random popups on your screen for programs you didn’t think you were running.
  • You can’t start up your computer.
  • You need a custom computer built.

Robson Computer Technologies services mainly the Madison & Janesville, WI and surrounding areas.  If you are about ready to chuck your computer out the window, gently set it down and pick up the phone and call 608.335.5558 or contact them using their online contact form.