On Monday, May 9th, 2011, I accepted a position on the Web Application Services Team of ConocoPhillips on Bartlesville, OK.

If you would like to read more about what went into the decision, please go to my personal blog at

Your first question is probably what does this mean for Two Miles Solutions, LLC…

Customers that have currently active projects will be contacted separately and will be handled appropriately.

Two Miles Solutions, LLC will no longer be a custom development shop. The Two Miles Solutions, LLC website will become an online store for products we have already developed or will develop in the future, but we will no longer be building custom websites or software for companies.

We are still researching companies that will be able to properly service our clients but have yet to find someone who does exactly what we do. Companies in the Madison area that do things similar to what we do are:

– Astuteo web design:

– EXP Design:

– Homepage Construction Company:

As new resources become available I will make them known. Please check the website for more details as time progresses.

For customers who have WordPress based websites, you will definitely want to check the Two Miles Solutions, LLC website as I will be publishing video tutorials to the website that walk you through aspects of maintaining your website that Two Miles Solutions, LLC traditionally handled. I will also be notifying you of configuration changes that I will be making so that you will be more in control of what goes on with your accounts. As a final measure, I will be writing up documentation for each of my customers that outlines what their solutions entail so that if you need changes in the future you will have all the information that they you need.


  • Jzirbel

    I never received this, Jeff. So we’re out of luck? Have you created the documentation on our Wild Apricot and our particular setup per your note here? I’m really concerned, our admin services group states that they got some email from you a week ago that you were leaving, yet they were hoping to have more training. Is there another Wild Apricot outfit that you’re entrusting your year’s support with? OUr site went up a scant two months ago, we’re totally new and need assistance still.