Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Fan Pages

So you are a celebrity, band, or business owner and you want to create a Page for your business.  What a lot of people don’t know is that it is against the Facebook terms of service to promote your band or business with a Facebook personal profile.  So now what?  That’s where Facebook Pages come in.  This tutorial will walk you through creating your own Fan Page.

You can create a page in one of two places:



After you fill out the basic information for your page you may be directed to the Ads and Pages application, if not, you can access it by clicking the button shown in the picture below.


After you are directed to the Ads & Pages application, click the pages link to access your page.


After clicking pages you will see a list of pages that you are an administrator for.  You have a couple options, if you click your page name (#1) you will be directed to what users will see when they see your page.


If you click Edit Page (#2) you will be taken to the admin screen (expanded view below).


Edit the settings to your liking as well as add users who you want to be able to administer the page.  When you are done, click the view page link at the top of the screen.  You will be taken to a page like this.


Make sure you write something about your company in the box on the left, then click the info tab to edit your information.


Once on the Info tab click the Edit Information link and you will see a screen like this.


After you edit the basic information, click on the Detailed Information header and you will see a section like this.


Once you are ready, publish the page by clicking the link at the top of the page.


Now tell your friends about your page and let them become fans.  After you have 25 fans, go to and you can set a vanity URL for your page.


Please let me know if this tutorial has helped you out or if you have any questions.


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