is live!

Ali McWilliams iconI have had the pleasure of working with Faith Dey and Alison McWilliams on the Siren Fitness site as they have grown.  I was responsible for keeping site content up to date and making little tweaks here and there as they needed them.  As they have grown, they have realized that it was time to move on and create separate business entities but still work closely together as well as work closely with other businesses in the health and fitness industry.  As a part of starting her new business Alison approached me to do her website and I am pleased to announce that is live.  The site is built using WordPress and features integration with Facebook and Twitter as well as a PayPal shopping cart for customers to purchase fitness packages from her.  Ali was a lot of fun to work with and I really admire the work she does with empowering women in the Madison community.  The logo and business image were created by Bluestem Creative based out of Stoughton, WI.  This is a really exciting time for Alison and Faith, check them out.


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