Great Google Labs GMail Feature

I have recently switched checking all my email using GMail (a process which I will describe in a later post).  But recently I started using the Send & Archive feature from Google Labs and have loved it.  I will walk you through my process and why I love it.

1. Go to the Google Labs section of GMail (select the green beaker or click settings then go to the labs tab)

select the green beaker (or click settings then go to the labs tab)

2. Scroll down to the Send & Archive portion of the settings screen and select Enable then save your changes and head back to your inbox.


3. An email comes in that I need to respond to, but also want to keep.

4. Open the email.

5. Label it the way you want it to be labeled.

6. Start typing your reply to the email in the editor provided.

7. Click the Send & Archive button and you are done.


Hopefully you find this as helpful as I do.  I love the feature.  I have a couple other Google Lab features enabled and have loved them so far.  My one big beef with GMail so far has been that you can’t have a different signature for each email account.  One of these days.


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